Wedding Cakes

This cake has a Sea Shore theme of shells and star fish of molded while chocolate...

This cake is 4 tiers of pound cake with white butter cream icing, sizes of tiers are B", IO", 12" and 16"


serves 110 guests Basket weave decoration,bells and roses are also availableon any cake


If you provide photos of what you want,we should be able to do it.Many sizes are available and heartshapes also available.


This cake is basic white with some accents of white and pastel colored ribbons and flowers .... with spacers tomake the cake much taller with separated areas of decoration ......

This cake is 3 Tiers of pound cake with buffer cream icing, sizes of Tiers are 10", 12" and 14" ......... serves 100 guests

We have been successful with cup cake wedding cakes and also Strawberry Shortcake wedding cakes.


This cake is basic white with white ribbons and boarder decorations and pastel colored flowers ....

This cake is 3 Tiers of pound cake with buffer cream icing, sizes of Tiers are 6”, 10" and 12" ......... serves 60 guests


Wedding Cake Tips

Decide on dress style and reception décor before tackling the cake decision. These elements can serve as a blueprint for the design and structure of your wedding cake. Choose a cake that is compatible with the venue's style, the season,your dress, the flower arrangements or the menu. If you want colored accents (such as



baker samples of fabric swatches or color samples. If you wish to save, order a small cake that matches your dreams plus sheet cakes of the same flavor. If you have a dessert table in addition to the cake you may want to consider a smaller cake. Some ideas for your dessert table may be petit fours or miniature party Danish, cannolis or cream puffs.

Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests; you‘|| likely need fivelayers for 200 guests or more.



The price is based on your requested servings of cake 3.50 per serving .....

An example is The cake for 60 servings will be 210.00

Average servings per layer

6 inch layer - serves 6

8 inch layer — serves 8

10 inch layer — serves 15

12 inch layer — serves 30

14 inch layer — serves 45

16 inch layer - serves 60


Delivery within 20 miles is 35.00. Refundable deposit on The wedding cake base will also be charged.

Toppers, Pedestals, Fountains and molded chocolates are available extras. Generally The topper is provided by the customer