Our 45th Anniversary

The first idea for the bakery started with Grand Mom Chester who owned Chester's Restaurant at 4th and Corinthian Streets in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Hilda worked in the restaurant and raised her four children with husband Ralph.  The Chester family helped to established Kaj's Bakery in Ocean City with oldest son Ralph and Kaj Christensen as partners in Kaj's Bakery.
Kaj's Bakery at 11th and Asbury was locally famous for Danish pastry, French pastry, donuts, honey buns and coffee.  This partnership between Kaj's and Chester's lasted for years.  Then, Ralph decided to leave Kaj's and started The Pastry Pantry Bakery in Ocean City at 28th Street and Asbury Avenue.  This small bakery and lunch counter was a successful, seasonal business for the summers of 63 & 64.  The name The Pastry Pantry Bakery was chosen by Ralph and his family.  He said his bakery would be a place that any Mother would be proud to buy their family baked goods.
Chester's Bakery relocated to 506 New Road, Somers Point.  The large building with a large front showroom was made to resemble the pantry of a grand home.  Opening was April 15, 1965, with the idea that this new location would be the beginning of a great, growing, year round business, providing Somers Point and the surrounding area with the highest quality baked goods.
Many recipes at Chester's Bakery are traditional old world recipes, no preservatives.  Mrs. Chester's Christmas cookie recipe was from her restaurant.  Our skilled bakers develop recipes for cakes, pies and desserts.  We are especially proud of our cakes and wedding cakes.  We have gingerbread cookies that will bring out the child in everyone.  Our holiday products will make your visits to Chester's Bakery an exciting experience.
Chester's Bakery owes our success to our great patrons who have made the bakery a regular stop.  Please continue to tell all your friends and family about Chester's Bakery.  Also, our success is greatly attributed to our bakers who continue to provide fresh and good tasting products and our sales persons who make each visit fun and pleasurable.
Founder and owner Ralph Chester Jr. operated the bakery until his passing in December, 2000.  Today, Ralph and Linda are operating Chester's Bakery and we are proudly providing, "Everything for the Sweet Tooth".


Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday 6am - 6pm

Sunday 6am - 5pm

Summer Extended Hours Closed 730pm

Closed on Christmas And New Years

Our Location: 506 New Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244-2039 (Google Maps)

Call To Order Today: (609) 927-6760